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336 pages, quality paperback
ISBN-10: 1845493796
ISBN-13: 978-1845493790
published by: Arima Publishing
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The Day That Changed My Life
A sunny crisp 8:26 a.m. moment on the River Thames in London changed my life completely. Nothing will ever be the same again.

The Night of the Hag
The Hag gives children nightmares, but now she wants more.

A Quiz Night in the Sticks
A last minute booking in Cornwall for the New Year ends up being the holiday from Hell.

Don't Mess with Mildred
Mildred uses unorthodox tactics to keep her lineage going.

Something I Never Told Anyone
The art of tact and diplomacy is the skill in letting someone have your way. At any age one can achieve a deserved respect.

Richard Bond sets off for work but his routine journey turns into a nightmare, taking him through time to the court of final judgement.

For four total strangers to be linked is sinister enough. But the explanation being part of it?

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