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336 pages, quality paperback
ISBN-10: 1845493796
ISBN-13: 978-1845493790
published by: Arima Publishing
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Building on their first anthology outing, "Sinister", Writers Anonymous bring together 13 more sinister tales delving into the depths of the paranormal and the dark underbelly of humanity; each story separated by poems from the darker side of life.

The Road to NeverEver Land
Nothing could be simpler; a road trip. Until Dave Johnson breaks down in the New Forest.

Five schools friends meet in a hotel for their reunion, and then the poem is read.

What Justice?
A man who leads an honest life is wrong footed by those around him.

Let Us Prey
A woman is singled out by one of the congregation at her church. Will anyone believe her story?

Journey to Regression
Unaware of who he is, the doctors at the hospital try to help. But as they dig deeper the less they can tell him.

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