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268 pages, quality paperback
ISBN-10: 1845493079
ISBN-13: 978-1845493073
published by: Arima Publishing
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I Will Remember Them
A visit to the attic leads to a journey of remembrance back to the WWI trenches of France.

Joseph had been born and bred in Trelevern. But the owner of the village shop tells him he's no longer a welcome as a customer.

The Villa
Burglary between the wars, and how good neighbours foiled it.

The Bed I Used To Sleep In
Usually a bed is a place of sanctuary. But for a father and his son it was something to loathe.

Affair of the Heart
After falling for a beautiful French student, a man plans a murder.

Death is Nature's Way of Giving you a Warning
Ignoring the mantra "moderation" can have life changing consequences; as long as death is avoided.

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