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268 pages, quality paperback
ISBN-10: 1845493079
ISBN-13: 978-1845493073
published by: Arima Publishing
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Bedside Manner, the second anthology by Writers Anonymous, is a collection of 11 short stories and 12 poems with a common link but not so strong as to stop the authors peddling their wares in their own vein.
In this eclectic collation you will sometimes find a sinister undertone, sometimes something a little bizarre but always something intriguing.

Baffled in Brighton
A night out at the theatre leads Jane to believe she will never see her husband again.

The Stalker
A woman falls foul of an Egyptian influence.

A heavy drinker gets a second chance for his body - but at the cost of his sanity?

Interview with Sir John Cleggs-Bennett
An interview with a recluse throws an astonishing light on twentieth century history.

A New Perspective
A document from a dying woman turns Alison's plans for her future into disarray.

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