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About Writers Anonymous
In the beginning...
It was the winter of 2004, and in a deserted garrison town somewhere on the East Coast, a group of individuals, each nervously clutching a suspicious but unique package, crowded around a shuttered shop front attempting to shelter from the evening rain. One of the group took a small key from her pocket and inserted it into a well concealed hole. As she twisted it to the left, two hidden electric motors burst into life and the shuttering clattered upwards revealing an entrance in the shadows. Each of the group slid his or her way into the dark interior, cautiously glancing back with a furtive air, over their shoulders.
And so, the first meeting of Writers Anonymous was convened; seven people from totally different backgrounds all with a common goal.
About the authors  
Paul Bunn
I have worked for more years than I care to remember for a telecoms company in a number of different roles. I became interested in writing when in my 30's, which led me to complete a creative writing course.
That gave me the writing bug and as a result I joined a new writing group "Writers Anonymous" to help fulfil my dream of being published.
I get a great deal of pride knowing I have contributed to all the books WA have published to date and will continue to do so in the future.
Colin Butler

Born in Tottenham, but a life-long Arsenal supporter, he is married with 2 sons and 6 grandchildren and lives in Thorpe Bay.
After retiring from a career in Local Government, he took a Creative Writing Course and re-joined Writers Anonymous in June 2007. In addition to writing short stories, he also enjoys writing Poetry and has recently had an anthology published under the title "Views from the Estuary" Colin is also a keen photographer and bowler.

Nicolette Coleman
It has always been my ambition to write as reading has been my favourite pastime since my childhood. "Shouting in a Vacuum", my first novel, is available from most online book retailers and Waterstones in Southend. It was published in 2008 and I am currently working on my second novel.
After two creative writing courses I decided to join the Writers Anonymous writing group which came into existence towards the end of the second course. I really enjoy the work we do together and am very proud of our anthologies and all the work that has gone into them.
James Fanthorpe

By day I work in marketing, having begun my career in design. I love to be creative but most of all I love to write. I also love movies, music (new and not so new) and do the occasional bit of graphic design.
Writing is enormous fun in so many ways. I joined Writers Anonymous because they are passionate about telling the best stories. Each story or poem may contain thrills, intrigue, suspense or horror but without a doubt you’ll always find something to inspire and entertain. @jameslfanthorpe

Sandra Maynard Aside from my family, writing is my main passion. One of the modules in my Open University degree was 'Creative Writing' and since then I haven't put my pen down! I love creating dark, macabre stories with a twist and was thrilled to be invited to join 'Writers Anonymous'.  I am looking forward to sharing my sinister thoughts and inspirations.
David Shaer
A numerically challenged chartered accountant, my main ambition was to get past writing unpublishable letters to The Times. I played rugby during five decades but was only ever going to be the player most likely to be lent to the opposition if they were short. I also need a large atlas when driving, but only to see over the steering wheel. I was starting to get a complex about life when I was ejected from French evening classes, so I joined a creative writing course and now I shall let you judge whether I should go back and start again.
Simon Woodward
After working consistently in I.T. for 25 years I decided it was time to forego the strictly logical world of computing and take up writing in my spare time. I don’t think I’ll ever truly get to grips with this literary world but I’m certainly having great fun finding out about it, though I think my wife, Yve, is not so enamoured by my frequent requests asking ‘what do you think of this?’
That said, without her, I don’t think my three children’s books would have ever seen the light of day and I wouldn't have enough stuff to be able to have my very own website created — www.srwoodward.co.uk